Naoko - a preview
"Tell me something, Toru," she said. "Do you love me?"
Paintover’d Mikasa’s face from a screenshot because AoT is such a brilliantly animated show I want to pretend to be an animator…
And because Mikasa is awesome. She can keep calm through multiple apocalypses just because Keep Calm and Save Eren. ♥
It’s basically that she has a different version of apocalypse from everyone else, and that’s a world without Eren… a very outwardly stoic, Severus Snape-like love. Which is, again, awesome. (And really, she and Armin are worth a dozen Erens, but I guess you need a protagonist.)
The Pevensies!
Summer bridesmaid in color
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So I miss out on paying for my old domain for a few days, and all of a sudden it isn’t available anymore. Well you know what, sudden buyers of domain names that mean nothing to you, .com doesn’t sound as sexy as .co anyway. .Co sounds way cooler. And I’m not about to cry over lost old files… I’m sure I’ve got backup. Somewhere. Not.

Anyway, new domain, new host, nice flat cPanel design…

A quickie illustration for the under-construction page of my recent site update: